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“Life Changing Testimonials”


"It has inspired me to take charge of my life and make the changes i need" Nicole Botha 

"Inspiring and motivating - Making me realize that change is possible. Thank You" Karen Rensleigh 

"Dreams can come true!" Leigh Dell 

"I am so inspired, Thank you" Mari Botha 

"I'm only 21 and realized that there is more to life than being someone else for other people. I have found new direction. Thank you fearless Life" Lauren Noble 

"A step in the right direction. Very inspiring and motivating. I want more" Cherise le Roux 

"Amazing! Changed my opinion about myself. I realized i do matter, my dreams matter" Karin Mulder 

"Made me more positive! Very keen on the once a month workshops" Luisa Tavares 

"... i have noticed that i don't utilize my potential in full and allow fear and rules to control me. I need to dream! "Thembi Msimang 

"I have learnt a lot about personal attitude, purpose and change in life. I really need to dream bigger"  Makhoa Nttombi   

"Today made me realize , i have NO Excuse not to achieve my goals..." Mari Venter   

"Looked at myself through a "new" set of eyes!" Anna Potgieter   

"It really made me rethink my life and change all the monotonous behavior that I've been undergoing. From today i want to do things different, in a positive way. I want to be strong and stop fearing  my unknown circumstance" Monica Mokoena   

"I opened my eyes to a brand new future" Adelle Kumm   

"Inspiration and Courage..." Bongi Msimang   

"I realized that  i am able to overcome the fears that are holding me back from make the changes needed in my life. Thank you" Rolynne Rensleigh   

"Fantastic! Fabulous!" Sanet Green   

"Motivated to Change my Life!" Amanda Gyzen