Serving with Honour

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About The Ministry


God has miraculously, with great favor, partnered us with Guess Ministries International, USA, Gary & Galilee Guess. 

A God ordained, appointed partnership. An international ministry right here in South Africa, reaching the nations.

Our Ministry Mission - to fearlessly preach the Gospel, to tell the world Jesus Christ is coming! He loves you and fought for your soul until death. He rose from the dead and declared victory! Let every knee bow at the cross. There’s no greater Love then the blood He shed for us. 

Rom14:11 says “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”

Rom 10:9  "If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved." Jesus is the only hope you will ever have in this life. Repent and believe.

Ministry Projects: 

Fearless Life Ministries is a Non-profit organisation and company (NPC, NPO, PBO)

We have reported for duty, we have stepped up to the call and step out in faith. 

In order for us to do whatever it takes, we will need funding, sponsors & donations. Tap into the mission, get involved and join the movement! 

Find where you would like to get involved and help us save lives. 

Fearless Life has declared war on our drug infested streets. We have taken a stand against drugs, street prostitution and our girls being sold within the ring we find ourselves in.

We will stand in the gap for parents that have lost their children to the streets. Where you have become exhausted to fight this fight, we will stand! 

We offer help and hope to the desperate cry.

Get educated, tap into the mission, get involved and join the movement! Touching the untouchables.

“Our souls will never be FOR SALE”, not to drugs, not to prostitution, not to the streets. 

Outreach Projects

Street ministry outreach programs, feeding & clothing the poor, any need, any time, any where. Tap into the mission, get involved and join the movement! 

Community Feeding schemes - Feeding hungry tummies, where ever, when ever

School education programs

A fearless Vault - Generous donations of clothing, shoes, blankets, (anything and everything), baby clothes, non-perishable food items. This vault we have opened to extend help to everybody. Were we see a need we would like to provide, we will be your hands and feet. Our Butterfly girls do take preference on the vault as we first need to ensure they are taken good care of.

Charity Drives,  Fundraisers Events - Charity drives and fundraisers are organised events in which we aim to raise funds for all the projects we have running

Rehabilitation Center - In order for us to rehabilitate and reintegrate male and females back into society and set those up with proper skills to provide honorably for themselves, we will need funding. A full rehabilitation program consists of 8-12 months, whereby healing, recovery and restoration may take place.

               During the rehabilitation program the 12 step program will be applied, belief therapy, relapse prevention plan, group therapy, individual therapy as well as skills development. A social worker and nursing sister will also be available. 

Spread the Gospel. 

For bookings, ministry dates, crusades, speaker appearances, please visit our contact page