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Fearlessly Declaring our Christian Based Coaching 



Get life sorted! Fearless Life Coaching, coaches Men and Women who desire to lead a fearless life. A life filled with boldness, a life of honour.  Coaching is for those who truly desire change, development, fulfillment, vision and balance. Men and Women who want to overcome the “fear labels” in their lives. Equipping and presenting the tools, the power and the passion, to fearlessly transform their lives. Men and Women who dare to dream! It’s my desire to powerfully motivate and inspire the dreams and visions you have left behind, ultimately living your best life. 

For many of us, making changes in our lives is difficult and the fear of failure overcomes us. We surrender ourselves to the idea that change is difficult and sometimes impossible, thus causing us to repeat an endless cycle of frustration. Knowing what to do is often not good enough to accomplish our goals, as we are at times our own worst enemy. Excuses such as, lack of time, money, I don’t know how or what the reasons are that keep us from change, the biggest thereof is FEAR. Fear causes our sight to become clouded and our visions and goals get lost or even forgotten.

I have realized over the past few years when coaching and counselling, no change is permanent nor forgiveness real, no healing complete without Jesus and the working of the Holy Spirit. You cannot make this journey on your own. Yes we can counsel and coach, motivate and inspire, set goals, empower and improve but transformation starts and ends with Jesus. 


The coaching process is a journey of great revelation, development, Fulfillment, tremendous growth and transformation.

  • One on One Coaching
  • Group Coaching 
  • Conferences

  • Workshops and Seminars 

Personal One on One Coaching

Fearlessly redesigning life, dream those daring dreams, and make them your reality. Your personal 90min “One on One" coaching sessions are spread out over a number of sessions. These sessions aim to find what you dare dream about, setting the goals you need to achieve those dreams. Together we find the action steps needed to turn these dreams into reality. We continue to uncover your beliefs, values and rules (the things that make you, you) and discover if they serve you well.  Each session is an opportunity to grow.

 The experience might be challenging, but taking responsibility is what causes this fearless growth. Coaching not only assists with goal setting, it is contagious! It inspires great passion to live your ultimate life, fearlessly loving everything about you and your life, only to find out that you are actually well worth it!

You are worth it!

Evette Kruger.

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